Posted by Chieftain Trees ● Apr 25, 2020 4:05:24 PM

A call to makers, growers and providers

The impact of Covid-19 is that many are out of work and struggling to get by. According to the Central Bank of Ireland unemployment rates may reach 25% by the summer of 2020. 

We are creating a directory of Irish small businesses from our community in the hope that we can support those seeking a means of income in this challenging time. 


Examples of Products or Services
  • Remote instruction - yoga, dance, languages etc. 
  • Digital services - graphic design 
  • Fresh produce 
  • Up-cycled furniture
  • Craft goods


Work with the Community 

To be included in this directory please reach out via email to chieftaintrees. We will be accepting applications in keeping with our ethos of sustainability and ethical supply chains.

*Applicants must also be able to provide products and services within the guidelines outlined by the government and HSE for social distancing and good hygiene, which can be found here.