Posted by Chieftain Trees ● Jan 14, 2022 3:53:54 PM

Celtic Woods and Waterfalls NFT Collection

Collectable Photography Series 

'Celtic woods and waterfalls' is our first series of NFT collectibles available for the public to purchase, trade, and sell as their own digital assets. 

The inspiration for the collection is the relationship between the myths and legends of Ireland and Wales, and the landscapes of these celtic countries. 

The Collection

Featuring original images captured by ourselves, this collection is true to our woodland roots with all profits being used to purchase land for rewilding. 

We travelled both Ireland and Wales to capture these images connect to the places where these legends were created, from the oak woods of Kerry in Ireland, to the mountains of Snowdonia in Cymru.

We wanted to create a magical and otherworldly feel to the images and have styled them in the same way to create a consistent ethereal aesthetic, complimenting the inspiring source material. Some samples of images from the collection are in the collage below. 


Limited Edition Photography NFT

This series includes a single limited edition NFT photography 'path to excalibur'. This image was captured in Snowdonia in the mountains of North Wales and inspired by local legends.


In the Welsh mountains, the Lady of the Lake appears to bestow the magic sword Excalibur from Avalon to King Arthur. This image conjures the otherworldly magic of Avalon and the hero's journey of Arthur on his quest.

How to buy our NFTs

To purchase our NFTs you will need to use a digital cryptocurrency via opensea. If you're interested to about NFTs check out our more detailed guide. If you're interested in creating an selling your own art, why not sign up via our referral link. 
By purchasing our NFTs, you are donating to rewilding projects and gaining an investment in a unique asset. If digital are isn't your thing, you can also purchase physical prints of our images. 
Let us know what you think of the collection in the comments, we'll be adding to it over time and love all feedback from the community!