Posted by Chieftain Trees ● May 2, 2022 11:32:26 PM

Why we love Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Like many others, I start my day wielding a double edged and caffeinated sword. I need a strong coffee to get into gear for the day ahead, but also feel the side effects of anxiety, jitteriness and a type of alertness that can be either productive or incredibly distracting.

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to an alternative way to start my day in the form of Lions Mane mushroom coffee. The Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans, and it contains a blend of organic mushrooms, including lion's mane mushroom, which is the first coffee that is clinically proven to reduce cognitive decline and improve memory.

The coffee beans themselves are slow roasted in order to preserve the delicate nutritional benefits of the mushrooms, so none of the goodness is lost when making your delicious drinks. As a recent convert I can honestly say this coffee is some of the best I've tasted! 

What about sustainability?

We care deeply about sustainability and are glad that this company does too, which is why we're willing to buy their products and rave about them on our site.  

  • Functional mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane grow on trees, and the company are planting 40,000 of them! That will lead to 13,600 metric tons of CO2 absorbed over 10 years.
  • They source functional mushrooms grown on logs or wildcrafted, and only the fruiting bodies. 
  • Never use isolates, or synthetics, with absolutely no fillers.
  • They are a 100% vegan company.
  • All of their boxes are recyclable and they offer bulk orders in recyclable containers.

To learn more about making eco-friendly decisions like purchasing eco friendly products, check out our blog post on sustainability. The Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee can be purchased online with a 20$ discount using our friend link. Let us know in the comments how you get on, and if there are any other products worth looking into!