Our vision is the rewilding of Ireland

We sell photography prints of the Irish landscape to fund the planting of native trees that will provide sanctuary for wildlife for generations to come. 

What we're doing


Building a community 

We aim to create a community of diverse thinkers, collaborating to rewild and restore the earth. 

About us

Starting Online

Through our blog, we aim to inspire everyday change that supports a sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle.


To Fund Wilding Projects

We selling photography prints and NFT's to fund rewilding projects for the community.


What is Rewilding

Popularised in the book by Isabella Tree on wilding Knepp castle and estate, rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation which is about letting nature heal by stepping back and allowing natural processes to restore and repair damaged ecosystems. We aim to create self-sustaining ecosystems on the island on Ireland.


Self Managing Ecosystems

The goal of rewilding projects is the creation of ecosystems that require passive management with little to no human intervention. We want to start this process by rewilding Ireland through reintroducing species of native oak, ash, hazel, birch, Scots pine, rowan and willow and then letting natural processes take over.  


Return of Wildlife

Reintroducing apex predators and keystone species is a core principle of Wilding and this may be a stretch goal for Ireland at this time. We still dream of creating a home for wolves, brown bears, wild boar, Eurasian lynx and wild cats among the red deer. There may even be a creative solution to replace the extinct Irish elk with another species of large mammal, similar to replacing the Aurochs at Knepp in west sussex. 


Return to balance

Successful long term rewilding projects should have low to no human ecological management so the hardest step is getting started. With the potential benefits of sustainable tourism and saving the planet through combating the effects of deforestation, the best time to start creating to self-sustaining ecosystems is now.


Where to start

We're big believers in creating large change through small incremental efforts so to help you get started on your wilding journey we curated a reading list. By creating wild areas with native trees, we aim to restore wildlife populations and maximise biodiversity. Through these resources, you can start in spaces as small as an urban garden.

a bugs life

How to rewild your garden

Start small and learn how to maximise biodiversity, even in the smallest urban spaces. 


Sustainability tips

Keeping with the theme of starting small, check out our tips on how to live a more sustainable life. 


Guide to native Irish trees

Learn why native species are important and which ones you should plant. 


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