Posted by Chieftain Trees ● May 17, 2020 4:21:04 PM

Chieftaintrees Photography Plan - Images to Oaks

Our goal for the next year is to have one funded wilding project underway. As we grow we will be creating physical products like tree growing kits and seed bombs to generate this revenue and also to empower people to create positive change locally. This is a win-win scenario!

'Images to Oaks' Photography Plan

Unfortunately we aren't there yet and to facilitate this project we need to look to other touch-less sources. Instead of asking for donations to crowd fund the project, we want people to get something back for their donation and this is how we created the photography plan. 

By purchasing photographs at Chieftaintrees you are donating to this project while getting an image in return, this image can be purchased as:

  • Digital download
  • Printed on canvas
  • Framed print
  • Print on art or photo paper
Photography Affiliates 

We are hoping to build relationships with landscape photographers around the world to promote our cause and their work. By donating an image to Chieftaintrees the sales will go to wilding projects and we will promote you as a photographer.

We're always trying to think of ways everyone can benefit from these relationships, if you have any ideas or want to join us please reach out. 

Sustainable Clothing

If photographs aren't your thing, you can also contribute to the project through our chieftain tees t-shirts. Our unisex t shirts are sustainable, eco friendly, made from 100% organic cotton and shipped in top quality eco-friendly recyclable cardboard. 

If you don't like t-shirts or image but have something to sell yourself, we are looking to partner with sustainable businesses that align with our communities values of ethical, sustainable supply chains and environmentally friendly practices.