Posted by Chieftain Trees ● Apr 5, 2021 3:23:26 PM

Cork duo start sustainable fashion brand seasquared

Hailing from the rugged landscape of West Cork, Ireland, SeaSquared Clothing came to life after two friends both moved back home to rediscover the beauty of the Irish coastline. Their vision was inspired by their coastal surroundings and a desire to create a product for everyone, in a mindful and conscious way.

Who are Seasquared?

C2 are Cillian and Colm, the SeaSquared duo. Born in the same year, in the same hospital, on the same day, this is the kind of brand origin story others are envious of.

Due to covid they returned home to West Cork to work remotely, where they found a new appreciation for the land of their youth. The rugged landscape, the intricate coastline, bays, inlets, harbours and roaring surf inspired them to take action play their part in protecting the environment. 

What makes them different?

The vision for seasquared is to become more than just a clothing brand, they want to create a community to directly challenge the fast fashion industry and provide sustainable alternatives to the people of Ireland. 

Their products are made in small batches from 100% organic, vegan materials and embroidered locally in West Cork. They take full responsibility for your product and like ourselves, aim to be fully transparent in the design and production processes.

Where can you purchase seasquared products today?

You can buy your own seasquared clothing directly from their website. The demand for their eco-conscious gear is so high they are currently out of stock in a lot of items!  The duo are also active on instagram so give them a follow to keep an eye out for more stock. We love a great local success story, well done to Colm and Cillian from Chieftaintrees!



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