Posted by Chieftain Trees ● Aug 8, 2021 10:08:47 PM

Rewilding Urban Areas

Urban rewilding is an urban design and ecological process that is working to counter the environmental, economic, and social problems that are created by urban sprawl.

Rewilding urban areas requires a set of approaches and techniques for making the landscape in towns and cities more natural. It consists of a range of projects, from introducing new habitats for wildlife to improving green spaces for people. The idea is that by bringing back natural environments into urban areas it will lead to better quality of life for people in those areas as well as better quality of life for wildlife.

Some proponents of rewilding say that it can also help improve biodiversity by creating new habitats where there weren’t any before, as well as reducing flooding risks because it can reduce impervious surfaces in urban areas like concrete.

Urban rewilding is a pivotal part of an eco-friendly city’s strategy. It encourages citizens to take responsibility for their environment and it also gives them the opportunity to participate in the movement.

The process starts with identifying a suitable location, how large it should be, as well as what species are to be introduced into the new urban habitat. In Ireland, urban rewilding initiatives have been set up in various locations all around the country.

One of the most successful projects is Lough Lannagh Wetland Reserve in County Galway which has already produced red squirrel populations and much more biodiversity. At a smaller scale public parks now have dedicated space given to wild flower meadows and Trinity college has started wilding their patch in the heart of Dublin city. 

To start at home why not rewild your garden. Let us know of any exciting projects in your area, or if you'd like to start one join the community.